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IRtech S730

The S730 is a thermal bi-ocular made by IRtech.


The S730 packs a quality 75mm f/0.8 lens to capture thermal radiation. The field of view (FOV) on this thermal bi-ocular reads 7.3 x 5.5 degrees. It's equipped with a 2x digital zoom to capture additional details.

Inside the housing of the S730 you'll find the (uncooled, 35µm) 384 by 288px sensor with a refresh rate of 50Hz. The NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) of this thermal bi-ocular is <80mK and it's operating between the 8µm and 14µm wavelengths.

The dimensions of this thermal bi-ocular are 213 x 127 x 114mm (length/width/height) and weighs in at 1540g. This device is rated IP67. It can withstand dust, shocks, water (splashes) and submersion under water. Operating temperatures range between -20°C and 50°C.

The S730 can be used for surveillance missions, law enforcement, search and rescue operations, military operations and firefighting.



  • 384×288 uncooled FPA
  • High quality 75mm F/0.8 optics
  • 50Hz frame rate
  • Records images & video
  • Dual OLED screens
  • IP67 rating
  • USB connectivity


Lens75 mm
Optical zoom2 x
Digital zoom2 x
FOV (h/v)7.3 ° / 5.5 °
Thermal typeUncooled
Sensor resolution (h/v)384 pixels / 288 pixels
Pixel pitch35 µm
Sensitivity80 mK
Spectral range8 µm / 14 µm
Display resolution (h/v)800 pixels / 600 pixels
Refresh rate50 Hz
Image polarityWhite Hot, Black Hot
Output screen colorFull color
Video formatsCCIR/PAL
Dimensions (l/w/h)213 mm / 127 mm / 114 mm
Weight1540 g
Number of batteries1
Battery life3 hours
Operating temperature-20 °C / 50 °C
Storage temperature-40 °C / 60 °C
Environmental ratingIP67
Law enforcement
Search & rescue
Fire fighting

DRI Ranges

DRI stands for Detection, Recognition and Identification and is based on the widely used Johnson's criteria.

  • Detection Detect if an object is present
  • Recognition See what type of object it is (i.e. person, vehicle, airplane)
  • Identification For example see if someone is a friend or foe
Detection Recognition Identification
Rabbit 385 meters 96 meters 48 meters
Person 1357 meters 339 meters 169 meters
Vehicle 3285 meters 821 meters 410 meters

Please note that these values are calculated, always consult the manufacturer for official range numbers.


Dali Tech S730
Dali Tech S730