Good news for Pulsar XP series owners

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Good news for Pulsar XP series owners

Pulsar has just released the long awaited 4.0 update for their XP series. Among the regular bug fixes there have been major improvements in image detail and customization in viewing modes.

The improvements are as followed:

Improved image detail

This is the option we hear people are most happy with. Some even say it's like having a completely new device. The image detail boost increases sharpness and image detail for a better viewing experience. Check the video below for a comparision.

New reticles

You'll get more color schemes as well as a black reticle/white dot and white reticle/black dot for your weapon sight.

Custom viewing mode

Next to the regular viewing modes (rocks, forest, identification) a fourth mode has been added called 'User mode'. In this mode you can save your preferences like contrast and brightness to match your environment and outdoor conditions. Settings saved in this mode are stored on the device, even after it's turned off.

Icon brightness

It's now possible to set the brightness of the on-screen icons. You do not want to be distracted too much with non-critical information such as icons. You can now dim their brightness for an optimal viewing experience.

How's your experience with the 4.0 update?

Leave a comment below to share your experiences with other XP-series owners.

Source: Pulsar

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