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Established: 1982
HQ: United Kingdom
Employees: > 100
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Thermoteknix Systems Ltd

Thermoteknix develops high end Thermal Imaging cameras, modules and software for night vision, cement, thermography and OEM applications.

Thermoteknix products all share a heritage of technical superiority, successful operation in harsh conditions and long term support from a Company committed to customer satisfaction.

History of Technical Innovation, Service & Quality in Thermal Imaging

Founded in 1982 and with 30 years of consistent technical breakthroughs in infrared (IR) thermal imaging and thermal measurement based hardware, systems and software application products, Thermoteknix has been driven by reliably taking care of our customers’ most challenging needs. Recognized in 1998 by the award of the prestigious “Queen’s Award For Export Achievement”, and by the “Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation)” in 2008, Thermoteknix is one of the world’s leading sources of thermal imaging expertise and excellence.

Thermoteknix Infrared Thermography and Thermal Imaging

Early IR instruments were created by mechanically skilled developers in many companies who lacked the data capture electronics and software analysis tools needed to obtain the best value from the IR data their instruments produced. With unique experience and insight into the science of image processing, signal analysis and industry software standards, Thermoteknix developed TherMonitor® Reporter and ThermaGRAM® electronic hardware and software in the early 1980’s and marketed them in partnership with leading IR camera suppliers. Those products have become the “de facto” IR industry standard tools and helped Thermoteknix’ marketing partners become the largest camera and systems suppliers in their time.

Thermoteknix continuously develops and enhances TherMonitor Reporter and ThermaGRAM thermal imaging products to today’s technology and in support of thousands of customers’ needs and applications in a wide variety of fields. Thermoteknix launched their VisIR® portable infrared camera, the world’s first infrared camera with simultaneous video display, voice recording, Wi-Fi and Touch-screen Operator interface for Predictive Maintenance. Specialized software, Condition RED® has been developed by Thermoteknix for Asset Management and Reporting which incorporates complete plant information database with thermal imagery both in the camera and off-line in the PC. A variety of VisIR® models are available for widespread applications including Fever Screening at airports, Science and Real-time R&D.

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