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IR&D SHADOW 3D product image
Type: Binocular
Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
Brand: IR&D


The SHADOW 3D is a thermal imaging binocular made by IR&D. It utilizes a 640 x 480 pixels thermal core with a refresh rate of 30Hz and features a 19mm lens, giving you a field of view of 32 x 26 degrees.

Built-in GPS, Smart Video Recording®, anti-LRF detector, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 2,4Ghz radio allow you to pair these goggles to all IR&D's sights, remote controls, iOS or Android gadgets and other peripherals.

It has its own built-in maps and geocaching features, lightweight and reliable. It can be used in the toughest of conditions while ATV driving, night parachuting, fog, mist, snow and rain.

A natural 3D image doubles the operator's ability to orientate and detect potentially dangerous objects.


  • GPS module and electronic compass
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and 2,4Ghz connectivity
  • Record photo and videos (including audio)
  • Automatic live target detection mode allowing transmission to a remote control device
  • 3D thermal image using dual 640*480 thermal sensors
  • 2x/4x/8x zoom with image stabilization
  • Location sharing via connected devices (iOS, Android, laptop)
  • Ventilation of the eyepiece against fogging
  • Rated IP66

SHADOW 3D Specifications

Lens19 mm
Optical zoom1 x
Digital zoom8 x
FOV (h/v)32 ° / 26 °
Thermal typeUncooled
Sensor resolution (h/v)640 pixels / 480 pixels
Pixel pitch17 µm
Sensitivity50 mK
Spectral range7.5 µm / 13.5 µm
Display resolution (h/v)800 pixels / 600 pixels
Refresh rate30 Hz
Image polarity12 color modes
Output screen colorFull color
Startup time5 seconds
Dimensions (l/w/h)180 mm / 100 mm / 80 mm
Weight330 g
Type18650 or CR123A
Number of batteries8
Battery life18 hours
Operating temperature-40 °C / 65 °C
Environmental ratingIP66
Law enforcement
Search & rescue
Fire fighting
Manufactured by IR&D
IR&D specializes in the design and manufacturing of intelligent thermal sights and surveillance systems used for defense, security and hunting.
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