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Dipol TG1 4.7X

The TG1 4.7X is a thermal bi-ocular made by Dipol and is part of the TG1 series.

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The TG1 4.7X houses a clear 75mm f/1 objective lens collecting thermal radiation. The default field of view on this thermal bi-ocular measures 4.15 by 3.11 degrees. It has a 4 times digital zoom to enlarge (parts of) the image. It has an eye relief distance of 25mm.

Behind the lens of the TG1 4.7X you can find the (uncooled, 17 micrometer) 384 x 288 pixel microbolometer refreshing the image at 50Hz. It's operating within the 8µm - 14µm infrared wavelengths.

The measurements of this thermal bi-ocular read 241 x 139 x 82mm (l/w/h) and the scale reads 1250 grams. This device is rated IPX5 . It's protected against dust and shocks. It handles temperatures between -20°C and 50°C.

The TG1 4.7X can be utilized in surveillance, law enforcement (police, border patrol etc.) and tactical operations.


  • two types of objectives: F50 or F75;
  • optical magnification 3.2x; 3.5x; 47?; 5.3x
  • digital zoom 2x, 4x;
  • detection range up to 1700 meters;
  • video output;
  • information about settings and device status is situated in the field of view;
  • inversion of image color is possible;
  • it is possible to use outer power source (12V);
  • manual adjustment of sensor amplification and micro display brightness.
  • dehydrator cartridge;
  • possibility to mount to tripod (aperture thread 1/4").
Lens75 mm
Diopter adjustment-4 +4
Eye relief distance25 mm
Optical zoom4.7 x
Digital zoom4 x
FOV (h/v)4.15 ° / 3.11 °
Thermal typeUncooled
Sensor resolution (h/v)384 pixels / 288 pixels
Pixel pitch17 µm
Spectral range8 µm / 14 µm
Refresh rate50 Hz
Image polarityBlack hot/white hot
Output screen colorFull color
Dimensions (l/w/h)241 mm / 139 mm / 82 mm
Weight1250 g
Number of batteries3
Battery life6 hours
Operating temperature-20 °C / 50 °C
Environmental ratingIPX5
Law enforcement
Search & rescue
Fire fighting


Dipol TG1 Series
Dipol TG1 Series
Dipol TG1 Series
Dipol TG1 Series
Dipol TG1 Series
Dipol TG1 Series
Dipol TG1 Series

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