FLIR Scout II 640
iRay DV DL13

Compare specifications between the FLIR Scout II 640 and the iRay DV DL13 thermal cameras.

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Lens 33 mm 13 mm
F-ratio n/a n/a
Diopter adjustment n/a n/a
Eye relief distance n/a n/a
Exit pupil diameter n/a n/a
Rear Aperture n/a n/a
Optical zoom n/a 0.85 x
Digital zoom 4 x 3.4 x
FOV : Hor 18.0 ° 23.6 °
FOV : Ver 14.0 ° 20.7 °
Focus range Fixed focus n/a
Thermal details
Thermal type Uncooled Uncooled
Sensor resolution : Hor 640 pixels 384 pixels
Sensor resolution : Ver 512 pixels 288 pixels
Pixel pitch n/a 17 µm
Sensitivity 50 mK 60 mK
Spectral range : Min 7.5 µm n/a
Spectral range : Max 13.5 µm n/a
Display resolution : Hor 640 pixels 800 pixels
Display resolution : Ver 480 pixels 600 pixels
Refresh rate 9.0 Hz 25 Hz
Image polarity Black hot / White hot / InstAlert™ n/a
Output screen color Full color Full color
Video formats NTSC (PAL w/GUI) n/a
Startup time 2 seconds 3 seconds
Package contents Handheld Thermal Camera,USB Power Adapter/ Charger,Wrist strap, Custom Video out cable (320 version), USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Molle bag n/a
Additional details n/a n/a
Size & weight
Dimensions : Length 170 mm 77 mm
Dimensions : Width 58 mm 56 mm
Dimensions : Height 62 mm 36 mm
Weight 340 g 89 g
Type Internal Li-Ion CR123
Number of batteries 1 1
Battery life 5 hours 4 hours
Law enforcement
Search & rescue
Fire fighting
Operating temperature : Minimum -20.0 °C n/a
Operating temperature : Maximum 50.0 °C n/a
Storage temperature : Minimum -40.0 °C n/a
Storage temperature : Maximum 60.0 °C n/a
Environmental rating IP67 n/a

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